LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services.
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LifeWorks is a not for profit organisation that provides family, couple and individual
counselling, education, training and workplace services in Victoria Australia.

Introducing LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services

LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote healthy, respectful and fulfilling relationships within the Victorian community. 



We provide a range of affordable relationship services including  individual counselling, relationship counselling, family therapy,  relationship education programsfamily dispute resolution and mediation.

At LifeWorks we also recognise that work and life are intimately connected and we offer workplace services for employers and employees through  Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and our Business Services division,  LifeWorks in the Workplace.

LifeWorks’ recognises relationships in all their diversity and our services are offered to individuals, couples and families regardless of, gender, religious affiliation, race, cultural heritage, sexual orientation or economic circumstance.

We work towards building positive, safe and respectful relationships and the prevention of violence of any nature.

We pride ourselves on exceptional and responsive service delivery and a seamless experience internally through our various service streams and externally with our extensive networks with other community agencies and professional associations.

LifeWorks has a long history in marriage guidance and relationship counselling in Australia and is very proud to support marriage equality.

Our services and programs can be accessed via phone, online or at LifeWorks branches throughout Victoria.

LifeWorks vision is to serve the Victorian community by promoting positive relationships for the achievement of wellbeing and the fullness of life. LifeWorks reflects a compassionate concern for those experiencing relationship difficulties, isolation and hurt and celebrates the joy of positive relationships.

In the context of this vision, the company objects are:

1.1. In search of a caring, compassionate and just society, the objects for which the company is established are to provide direct assistance and relief of suffering and distress to those who experience family violence or abuse, or family relationship breakdown, by providing, without limitation:

  • professional counselling and support;
  • programs and services;
  • dispute resolution, mediation and conflict resolution services;
  • education, referral and information services.

1.2. LifeWorks seeks to serve all people regardless of their religious, social or cultural background or economic circumstances. LifeWorks seeks to serve out of the context and ethos of the Anglican Church of Australia.

LifeWorks approach to the operating budget is guided by, our vision and objectives and by our values:

Hope We are committed to offering a sense of hope to those who come to our service. No matter what the circumstances for the individuals, children, partners and couples who come to LifeWorks, we will work to ensure that all clients experience the growing sense of hope that the future will be good for them, their families and the communities in which they live.

Community We recognise that as social beings, we are likely to require assistance with our relationships at different points in our lives. The development of respectful, meaningful and fulfilling relationships that optimise the quality of life are intrinsic to creating socially inclusive and empowered lives within families and communities.

Diversity LifeWorks celebrates diversity and seeks to serve all people regardless of their religious, social or cultural background or economic circumstances.

Dignity We recognise that seeking and giving assistance is a positive and healthy action and as such we will work to ensure our clients are always provided with ethical and professional support in an environment that affords them respect, privacy, and dignity.

Growth Human growth and development are essential to the achievement of full human potential. We seek to work innovatively to secure positive and sustainable change that improves the lives of individuals and the communities in which we work.