LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services.
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LifeWorks is a not for profit organisation that provides family, couple and individual
counselling, education, training and workplace services in Victoria Australia.

LifeWorks' Funding

LifeWorks is a not-for profit organisation funded jointly by the Federal Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) under provisions of the Family Law Act 1975 and the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. LifeWorks also acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government and funding from various local government agencies, other small grants and donations.

LifeWorks' Fees 

LifeWorks charges fees based on a sliding scale according to your income and on your ability to pay. Fees can be discounted or waived in cases of genuine hardship. Please discuss this with your practitioner when negotiating fees at your first appointment or during course registration. Fees are payable at each session or at the commencement of a course and you will be given a receipt.

LifeWorks' Fundraising 

As part of our fund raising activities LifeWorks offers fee-for-service consultancy and training services to other organisations. All revenue derived from these services is returned to LifeWorks’ core activities of counselling, education, mediation and research into human relations.