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Information and Resources for Celebrants

As a leading provider of pre-marriage education and relationship services in Victoria, LifeWorks is delighted to provide a range of resources and information links to assist celebrants.

For more information on pre-marriage programs and other relationship services or to request other resources, please contact LifeWorks on 8650 6200 or email

  1. Tools to assist celebrants broach the topic of Pre-Marriage Education
  2. Relationship Education Brochures (print and electronic)
  3. Marriage Statistics
  4. LifeWorks presentation to the 2012 AFCC Conference
  5. Useful Links


1. Tools to assist Celebrants broach the topic of Pre-Marriage Education

We understand that broaching the topic of pre-marriage education can be a tricky one for celebrants so in an endeavour to assist you in this sometimes sensitive task we have included some resources that can be used in client information packs or emails.


Pre-Marriage Education Introduction Letter

  Couples Programs FAQ Tip Sheet

2. Relationship Program Brochures

LifeWorks offers a range of pre-marriage and couple relationship programs throughout the year. Details of programs are avaliable in the program area of the website.

You can also download a copy of our Relationship Education brochure or order copies on our Order Brochures page.


3. Marriage Statistics

  • In 2011, 49% of Australians aged 15 and over were in a registered marriage, down from 51% in 2001. (2011 Australian Census)
  • 121,000 marriages were registered in 2010. (ABS Crude Marriage Rate 1990-2010)
  • in 2010, 69% of marriage ceremonies were conducted by civil celebrants, (up from 42% in 1990). (ABS Crude Marriage Rate 1990-2010)
  • The median age of Australians getting married is 31.4 (men) and 29.2 (women). 
  • In Australia, spring and autumn are the most popular seasons in which to marry. October is the most popular month for weddings. 
  • Over the last century there has been a significant shift in the choice of a celebrant for marriage ceremonies. An increasing number of couples are now turning to a civil celebrant to conduct their marriage ceremony. 

- In 1908: 3% of marriages were performed by civil celebrants. (97% were performed by ministers of religion)
- In 1977: 33% of marriages were performed by civil celebrants
- In 1990: 42% of marriages were performed by civil celebrants 
- In 2010: 69% of marriages were performed by civil celebrants. 


4. Presentation to the 2012 AFCC Conference

LifeWorks' Manager of Education Services, Cheryl Dakis made the following presentation to the 2012 AFCC Conference: "We’re getting married! Why do we need pre-marriage education?"

Click to download a copy of the Presentation Powerpoint in PDF Format.


5. Useful Links - LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services Family Relationships Online – Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)– Commonwealth Government - about relationships– US website of interest– Dr John Gottman, researcher & author– Dr Phil – Psychologist & TV presenter– Michael Grose, Parent Educator– Child & Youth Health Marriage and Relationship Educators Association of Australia