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LifeWorks has a number of psychologists, counsellors and experts available to provide comment and opinion on a wide range of relationship and workplace subjects including:

  • intimate relationships - formation, enhancement and separation
  • dating, partnership and marriage
  • parenting and family -  bringing baby home, raising toddlers, tweens and teens
  • step-parenting, grandparenting and blended families 
  • grandparenting
  • healthy relationships
  • family violence prevention
  • anger management.
  • workplace bullying.
  • managing, recruiting and retaining staff 
  • equal opportunity, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

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Press Statement - 9 November 2015

Prime Minister announces LifeWorks as intercountry adoption family support provider

LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services is pleased and excited to be awarded the tender to deliver an Intercountry Adoption Family Support Program, as announced today by the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Attorney-General George Brandis QC and Minister for Social Services Christian Porter. LifeWorks, in partnership with International Social Service Australia, will deliver a broad range of counselling, education and support services nationally to help families engaged in intercountry adoption, and children and families after the adoption is finalised. 
LifeWorks has nearly 70 years' experience delivering a range of relationship services including individual and relationship counselling, family therapy, family and parenting relationship education programs. Janet Jukes, LifeWorks CEO says "We are delighted to be extending our expertise to supporting and assisting families through the intercountry adoption process and beyond. The program model will focus on issues of family formation and family stress, providing tools and supports that result in the effective establishment of a strong, positive and healthy family unit". The model will include a peer-support element, linking people who have gone through the adoption process with those embarking on the journey. LifeWorks' looks forward to working with Minister Porter, our partner International Social Service Australia and the broader community to make a positive impact on the experiences of those undertaking intercountry adoption.


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