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Intercounrty Adoption Referral Resources

Information for Referral Services & Service Providers

Would your clients, peers and networks benefit from the Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service?

(If you are a individual who has experienced intercountry adoption and are looking for resources please visit Intercountry Adoption Australia, they provide a range of fact sheets and links to helpful resources).

Your support and promotion of the Intercountry Adoption Support Service is key to making a difference in the lives of people who have experienced intercountry adoption.

The service has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and is provided free of charge to the following groups:

  • Couples, families or individuals who have placed an application for adoption with their state department and are going through the assessment process
  • Couples, families or individuals who have adopted a child from overseas (post placement)
  • Couples, families or individuals who have adopted a child while living overseas and have returned to live in Australia with the child
  • Children, teenagers and adults who have been adopted from overseas

Digital Resources

We have a range of digital resources that can be displayed on your website, facebook page or social media site. 

Simply click on the image size/dimension you would like to use and download for your platform. Please link images to our webpage

For a brief description of the service please cut and paste the following paragraph.

"The Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service is a free, independent, nation-wide service available to couples, familes and individuals who are engaged in the intercountry adoption process, as well as children and their families post placement, including expatriate adoptions. Support is also provided to adult intercountry adoptees.

The service provides counselling support and information and support services to assist with a range of issues and challenges unique to the intercountry adoption experience. Services are provided free of charge and people wishing to access the service can do so by call the Intercountry Adoption Support Coordinator on 1300 543 396 or via email at 

The service is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and is delivered by LifeWorks in partnership with International Social Service Australia."








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We also have a range of traditional printed promotional materials.

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