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LifeWorks is a not for profit organisation that provides family, couple and individual
counselling, education, training and workplace services in Victoria Australia.

LifeWorks in the Workplace Training

LifeWorks in the Workplace is renowned for providing training that focuses on developing self-awareness, building skills and knowledge, and facilitating behaviour change back in the workplace. We invite our participants to use the time away from work to reflect on their role, their performance and their development and to explore new ways to engage and enjoy their work lives.

Customised Training Courses

LifeWorks In Workplace provides many onsite customised training programs in the topics listed below and enjoys the opportunity to co-create new topics for training to meet clients needs. Please call to discuss ideas you may like to explore for your workplace.

Current Courses:

Equal Opportunity Awareness (bullying, discrimination and harassment)

To reinforce the importance of appropriate workplace behaviour, managers and staff need to be regularly informed, trained and kept up to date. Organisations have an obligation to take steps to minimise the risk of breaching legislation.   We can design and deliver customised training that will provide understanding of the latest legal developments, clarity about rights and responsibilities and knowledge of the steps to take in the event of an issue. 

Equal Opportunity Refresher Training

With the introduction of the Fair Work Act, the avenues in which discrimination claims can be taken have widened. It is critical that organisations review their policies and procedures and provide training to staff responsible for handling grievances so that they understand the impact of legislative changes.  

Human Rights Charter

Workshops designed to provide awareness for either general staff or those with higher level responsibilities. Case studies and practical examples are incorporated to highlight the impact of the Charter on individuals and the organisation. One hour general staff sessions have been popular with the local government sector.

Contact Officer

It is essential that staff who have been selected to provide an avenue for other staff to discuss their concerns relating to harassment or bullying, are confident in their role and the type of information and advice they can provide. For staff new to the role we offer a 1 day program and we also offer a 3 hour refresher for staff who have been previously trained.

Investigation Skills

Harassment and bullying are complex issues and it is critical that staff conducting internal  investigations understand the legal principles and frameworks that govern a fair and sound process. This one day workshop will provide participants with knowledge, skills and confidence to ensure that they can effectively deal with internal complaints.  

Code of Conduct

Many organisations recognise the advantage of having a Code of Conduct in place that helps foster an environment of good governance. It can provide a framework that sets out expected standards of personal and professional behaviour and in some organisations satisfies statutory obligations. We can assist in developing a framework and also in designing and delivering a training program that imparts awareness of the Code to staff.

Mediation Skills for Managers 

Managers are appointed into their roles because they have good technical or operational skills. Being able to resolve conflict amongst others is  not always a task that comes naturally. This 1 day workshop will provide managers or HR staff with the necessary skills and practice so that they are able to facilitate positive outcomes amongst their staff or other parties who might be in conflict.  

Difficult but Necessary Conversations

Conducting challenging conversations around performance, organisational change and other workplace issues is a crucial element of a supervisory and managerial role. Learn how to confidently tackle these difficult conversations, understand individual communication styles and adopt strategies to produce positive outcomes.

Assertiveness Communication Skills

Assertiveness is about clear, honest and effective communication. Build your confidence and improve your professional relationships by discovering how to assert yourself in the workplace in a positive and productive manner. Learn how to overcome personal barriers about speaking up, communicate clearly to achieve win-win outcomes and adopt practical strategies to think and act assertively.

Customer Service (including difficult customers)

In today's connected world, customer satisfaction can make or break an organisation's reputation within days. Whether you are dealing with customers, clients, colleagues, patients or suppliers, learn how to provide exceptional customer service, exceed expectations and manage difficult behaviour. 

Managing Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of the workplace and our daily lives. Discover how conflict arises, escalates and resolves so you can manage it constructively and strengthen your personal and professional relationships. Learn how to manage yourself effectively and develop practical strategies and techniques to prepare for, respond to and deal with conflict productively.

Performance Management   

To successfully support effective performance management systems, managers and supervisors need to be able to hold effective ongoing conversations with their staff all during the year.  They must be able to successfully share both positive and constructive feedback in a meaningful way that adds value to the employee’s performance and to the ‘bottom line’ of the organisations key performance indicators.  And they need to understand and apply a more formal corrective process when the performance or behaviour of an employee is not satisfactory. This workshop is designed to provide practical skills and strategies so that participants are better able to tackle the challenging issues that can arise around staff behaviour and performance.

Managing and Leading Change

The speed at which organisations and their people have to adapt to both internal and external change is rapidly increasing. Drawing on both current theories and case studies, learn how to plan and manage change, support and guide people through the process whilst mitigating the common pitfalls and objectively evaluating the outcomes.

Work/Life Balance

Managing your time effectively can help reduce stress, improve your productivity and achieve the priorities that matter most with a healthy work-life balance. Learn how to set realistic goals, plan your daily activities, prioritise effectively and utilise a range of tools to balance your personal and professional life.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Research suggests that one in ten people are living with mental health issues. This means that there is likely to be people in most workplaces that have some type of mental health issues. For anyone leading a team, it can be challenging when you don't have the information and skills needed to support your staff.

This course will inform you about common mental health issues and strategies for managing appropriately in the workplace.

The New Supervisor

Taking on the responsibility of a leadership role can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Learn about different leadership approaches, develop practical skills to bring the best out of your team and identify the procedural responsibilities associated with a managerial role.

Reflective Leadership

As leaders and managers there are many demands on us. Often these demands prevent us from setting aside time to reflect on our role, our experiences and the opportunities before us.  This program will enable time to review leading thinkers on leadership, explore the way we understand and ‘take up’ our role, link our beliefs and values to our leadership style, and explore the uncertainties and uncomfortable parts of leading. This program will allow space to review and renew our leadership potential and enable us to bring more of ourselves to the way we lead.  

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